2022-23 Board of Directors

Women of the Pines 2022-23 Board of Directors

From Left to Right Janice Davis (Past President), Cathy Bullock (Contact Chair), Ruthi Walker (Secretary). Kathy Newcomb (Vice President), Barbara Summers (President), Brenda Sorrese (Asst. Teasurer), Mary Hilgenberg (Publicity), Julie Andress (Contact Chair), and Helen Kirk (Treasurer).

President Barbara Summers
Vice President
Kathy Newcomb
Ruthi Walker
Helen Kirk
Asst. Treasurer
Brenda Sorrese
Contact Chair Julie Andress
Asst. Contact ChairCathy Bullock
Membership Chair TBD
Asst. Membership ChairTBD
Past PresidentJanice Davis
Mary Hilgenberg

The board meetings for the Women of the Pines are held monthly from September through May at an agreed upon date and time during the week preceding the general membership meeting. Additional meetings may be called as needed.