May Meeting 2023

Photos from our May 2023 Meeting include:

New members Cecile Callis and Danielle Kays. Cecile with her sponsor Janice Davis, Danielle Kays with her sponsor Barb Summers.

Chef Frank, Mary Dutton and Rosa Adams, Barb Summers, Kathy Newcomb and Julie Andress, President Barb Summers, Beth Van Vooren, Brenda Sorrese (Asst. Treasurer) and Helen Kirk (Treasurer).

Kathy Newcomb (Vice President/Casino Night), Glenda Kirby( Casino Night /Programs)and Michele Gowan, (Fashion Show) Pauline Bruno missing from photo, Connie Windham (Fall Bake Sale), Patti Talton missing from photo.

Tina Arno, Michele Gowan, Brenda Sorrese and Lesa Measells , Joyce Pilewski missing from photo (Charitable Selection Committee).

Cathy Bullock (Contact Chair) and Janis Carey.

Pat Sykora (Nominating Committee), Michele Gowan, and Nancy Mack.